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Since I came to Mexico, I discovered some new vegetables for myself. One of them is JICAMA (Mexican yam or Mexican turnip). It’s cheap, easy to prepare, delicious and very healthy!


It is very low in calories, about 16 calories per 100 grams, but high in a few vital nutrients. It provides one-quarter of what’s needed daily in fiber per serving. But not just any fiber – jicama’s fiber is infused with oligofructose inulin, which has zero calories and doesn’t metabolize in the body. Inulin, a fructan, promotes bone health by enhancing absorption of calcium from other foods, protecting against osteoporosis. Inulin has a prebiotic role in the intestine – it promotes “good” bacteria growth that maintains both a healthy colon and balanced immunity. Because it has a very low glycemic index, jicama is a great food for diabetics, and low in calories for those interested in weight reduction.

Jicama is also an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C – 44% of the daily value per serving – and a powerful antioxidant that zaps free radicals to protect against cancer, inflammation, viral cough, cold, and infections.

Jicama contains important vitamins like folates, riboflavin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, and thiamin, and the minerals magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese.

The easiest way to make it is to peel, cut in pieces, sprinkle some fresh lemon, salt and pepper- and it is ready!