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How to achieve results


Believe it or not, but when you want to Start something, there are few things that you have to Quit first!


Quit Stopping 

During my CrossFit tarinings from the beginning to the end: “Holy…I cant do that”, “Ok, that’s enough”, “That’s too hard”, “Im so tired”…sounds familiar?

After the training class: “I feel so wonderful, cant wait for the next class”…

The more I stop and think about quitting, the longer it takes to get to my desired result. So NO Stopping!

Quit Saying Tomorrow 

One of the thoughts I often used to have: “I will start tomorrow” or here is one even better “I will start next Monday” J

No more “tomorrow”! Live Today, Start Now!

Quit Being A Victim

Who doesn’t like to be a victim? After all, if I don’t pity myself, who is going to do it? Well maybe nobody has to! No more phrases like “I can’t”. There are no limits to what a human can do! So whenever we are saying “I can’t” and/or “I don’t have time”, that really means “I don’t want to”- but that is a different question J

Quit Avoiding

I don’t know a single successful person who hasn’t worked hard to get where he is. Nothing is free and nothing comes to you without you earning it first. “If there’s something you’re putting off because it’s it’s hard, physically demanding or tiring…just get up and do it”. Quit avoiding it, “As you sow, so you reap”.