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Health Benefits of QUAIL EGGS



Have you heard about the benefits of quail eggs? Just three little eggs a day will do wonders to your health!

My coworker keeps quails at home. He told me he drinks three raw quail eggs a day to stay healthy. The first thing I did after I heard that, was googled it J It appeared that those little bitty eggs can do wonders. Here is what I found in one of the articles (you can read the whole article by clicking on the link):  http://www.ennyrehoboth.com/wonders-of-quail-eggs/


  • Remedy against digestive tract disorders such as gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer,
  • can help cure aneamia increasing haemoglobin level and remove toxins and heavy metals from the blood,
  • treatment of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, diabetes and vegetative vascular dystonia,
  • strong anti-cancer effects and helps inhibit cancerous growth,
  • help eliminate and remove stones from liver, kidneys and gall bladder,
  • accelerates recuperation after blood stroke and help strengthen heart muscle,
  • powerful stimulant of sexual potency, they nourish the prostrate gland with useful substances and therefore help restore sexual potency in men,
  • promote good memory, enhance brain activity and regulate the nervous system,
  • strengthen the immune system,
  • slow down again of organs and increase life span,
  • improve skin colour and strengthen hair making it shiny and voluminous, thus it is used for facial and hair care masks.

Quail eggs do not have bad cholesterol. They are also safe from salmonellosis and resistant to different infections. The best way to eat quail eggs is to have it raw on an empty stomach in the morning before you eat anything else.

As for me, first I was afraid I wouldn’t stomach the taste, but with the right technique to eat them, I don’t even notice how they get in to my stomach. From now on, I am having three raw eggs every morning!