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What colors mean in our life


Did you know that colors communicate?

Colors balance our chi, trigger memories and emotions and have meanings. When we think temperature: white means cold, yellow means warm. Out on the street: green means go, red means stop. Seasons: yellow associates with summer, orange with autumn, white with winter, green with spring.


Let’s see how colors guide us in food and fitness…

Red color. If red light on the side of the road means STOP, red light on the front of the restaurant tells you EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. On the other hand, red color is perfect for working out environment. It raises blood pressure and calls for action.

Orange color motivates to workout, boosts energy level.

Green color is associated with freshness, harmony and balance. Green vegetables on your plate create a picture of healthy, balanced eating.

Blue color is said to curb the appetite. It’s rarely found in nature, so doesn’t stimulate appetite. It would be a good idea to have blue plates or even to install a blue light in the fridge.

Purple color is perfect for bedrooms. This color helps you relax and get a good sleep.

Yellow color psychologically is the happiest color in the color spectrum. This color is also widely used by food-chain restaurants to lure in clients (Mc’Donalds).

There are no good or bad colors. It’s all about how we use them in our everyday life. I love red and yellow walls in my gym, they motivate me to workout harder and I will definitely buy some blue plates in the future! Two of my favorite colors are red and sky blue.

What are your favorite colors? And how are you planning to use them to your benefit?



The most popular exercises on Google


Google released a summary of the most-searched terms during the past year (Zeitgeist 2012). One of the interesting things that caught my eye was a list of the top body exercise searches.
1. Ab exercise; 2. Shoulder exercise; 3. Chest exercise; 4. Lower back exercise; 5. Tricep exercise; 6. Neck exercise; 7. Bicep exercise; 8. Hamstring exercise; 9. Calf exercise;do 10. Glute exercise.