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How to Squat like an OIympic Weightlifter



Why Bench Press?


What is all this fuss about bench press? Why is it so popular in the gym?


Bench press is one of the best basic upper body lifts. It makes chest and arms look great, it’s easy to do and it works the largest upper body muscle group.

How to do flat bench press? “Be sure to use proper form with your shoulders and lower back touching the bench, feet flat on the floor and hands evenly spread apart at comfortable grip, elbows at approximately 90 degrees.Image Make sure not to lift up your back completely to keep it safe. Have your back slightly arched, so the middle of your back is off of the bench. Start with lower weights with 3-5 reps, add weights as you go until the point where it’s not comfortable.

Today I did 3 reps of 55lb., 3 reps of 65lb, and 3 reps of 75lb (last one was with the help of coach Angel). My 1 R is 70lb so far


Ring bar dips


Exercise of the day BAR DIPS!

Today I discovered a new exercise for myself RING BAR DIPS! Love them!!!! Image

Doing dips on gymnastic rings adds instability to the exercise due to the free movement of the rings and recruits a big group of muscle to help support the body. This not only makes ring dips more difficult than standard dips, but also safer and easier on the joints.

Want to say special THANK YOU to Iron and Soul CrossFit coaches, they are doing a great job in keeping workouts intense, safe, fun and challenging!


Barbell squats


Today was my first full workout at Cross Fit (after I finished 3 on-ramp classes). I totally loved it! My favorite exercise today was barbell squats. I have to admit, I was never in to heavy lifting before, so it was a discovery for me. I did squats with 85lb. on my shoulders! Still have to work on my form a little, but I will nail it! So…barbell squats and why do we do them?


Barbell squat is a complex exercise that simultaneously works out multiple muscles like: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back muscles and abs. It is important to do it properly to not hurt yourself. First try it without any weight to get the right form. This is what you need to do:

–         keep your knees behind your toes when in a squat position

–         squat until your butt levels with your knees

–         keep your back and head straight

–         look in front of you

–         point your toes a little bit to the sides

as for the barbell:

–         position your hands just outside your shoulders in a pronated grip

–         place the barbell on top of your trapezius muscles

–         keep your back straight

Squats give you beautiful legs and round awesome-looking butt!