Brain Foods


I often hear from my friends “didn’t have time to have a bite since morning” or similar expressions. People often get so busy, they forget to eat, thinking “if I skip lunch I will get done more”…Is that really so?

To get done more and be as productive as possible our body needs food like machine needs fuel. Double Cheese or BigMac on the way, unfortunately won’t do it. Do you remember how many times you were looking for keys all over the place and then realized you were holding them in your hand?  No, there is nothing wrong with you, your brain is just tired. Certain foods can help improve your memory, cognitive thinking and concentration level.Image

BREAKFAST! First things first! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The best choice for breakfast would be high-fiber whole grains, eggs, dairy and fruit. People, who eat breakfast, tend to perform better and get better results throughout the day, than people who skip it.

FISH. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids food, is a great brain boost, enhances memory and a good source of protein.

Dark CHOCOLATE and NUTS. Improve cognitive thinking, contain antioxidants, caffeine enhances focus.

BERRIES. Studies have shown that eating berries helps prevent age-related memory loss, accumulate brain nerves.

Stay healthy, FitAli

VITAMINS, minerals, supplements. Always pays off to make sure our body gets everything it needs.

REST. Sleep is necessary for memory consolidation. The main memory-enhancing activity occurrs during the deepest stages of sleep.


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