“No” to Mayo…how to survive back home :-)


ImageI’m back home.  Kiev welcomed me with tons of delicious cakes, pastry, candies, sausages, cheeses and mayo…  Here I thought I have trained my willpower very well, but apparently for another country I got to have another type of willpower 🙂

Yesterday I was thinking about what to cook, I wanted some kind of salad…And then I remembered that most of Ukrainian/Russian salads are made with mayo (American “Potato salad” type)… Russia is the biggest manufacturer of mayo in the world! Funny thing is, I used to love mayo before I left Ukraine, I thought there was no better salad dressing than mayo.  The thing about mayo is that our body can’t easily break it in to three main groups of food. And what happens with stuff that can’t be broken? Right, it’s stored as fat!

Anyway, now I’m back to Ukraine, and the question is what to use instead of mayo? The healthiest choice is Greek yogurt with or without spices. It’s light, a little sour and gives a fresh flavor to the salad. Here are some other choices for salad dressings:

 Tzatziki (Greek dressing) :  1 cup plain yogurt, 1/3 cup diced cucumber, juice of 1 lemon, 1tbp cilantro, 1/8 tsp diced garlic, a pinch of salt and black pepper- whisk in a bowl.

Yogurt dressing : 1 cup Greek yogurt,  1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1 tsp dill, sprinkle of lemon juice, salt, pepper to taste- whisk in a bowl.



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