Interesting facts about Exercise


I love a good exercise.


I realized that the more I exercise the more energy I have, the better I feel, the better I look, the better my life becomes! Now, on the other hand, the less I exercise the lazier I become, the weaker I feel and the bigger my but grows! Here are a few more things I like about exercise:

– Bodies are creatures of habit. The more I exercise, the more my body learns to burn fat rather than store it.

– If I don’t exercise regularly, by the time I am 65, my muscle strength may decrease by 80%.

– Regular aerobic exercise can alleviate depression by 47%.

– If I had every single muscle in my body work together at the same time, I could lift about 50,000 lb. (working on lifting heavy J )

– Regular exercise is linked to better sex, because it can improve body image, energy, self-esteem and overall fitness.

– Regular exercise enhances mood and overall well-being.

– People who cross-train with a variety of exercise are more fit and less injury-prone than those who exercise using only one or two exercise modalities. (Yay to CrossFit!!!!!)



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