Foods to stay away from



I miss those times when people were sure they ate exactly what they saw on their plates. Nowadays we have to deal with GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, meat byproducts and all kinds of stuff that’s not natural! So I have decided to do a little research on foods I should never eat and why. Here it is:

Diet foods have artificial sweeteners that have been linked to causing health issues.

White bread and refined flours have zero nutritional value.

Margarine is loaded with unhealthy trans fats.

Cured meats have been linked to causing cancer, high blood pressure, packed with artery clogging grease.

Reduced fat peanut butter contains less protein and fat, but when the fat is taken out, to save the flavor they load it with sugar.

Energy drinks are linked to kidney failure, heart attacks.

Frozen meals are loaded with unhealthy preservatives, artificial ingredients, salt.

Energy and protein bars. Most of them are loaded with fats and sugars.



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