Healthy Lifestyle vs. Diet


healthy-lifestyle-bannerWhat is the difference between a weight loss diet and a healthy life style?

What is my goal?  Is my goal to lose weight so I look good and can go back to eating pizza? Or is my goal to lose weight and stay healthy for a lifetime?

A “weight loss diet” is a selection or limitation on the amount a person eats for losing weight in a period of time. A weight loss diet by its definition is predetermined to fail me. Why? There are so many ridiculous diets out there it’s amazing. Diets like: cabbage soup diet, watermelon diet, grapefruit diet, cookie diet, Subway diet, junk food diet- are dangerous! They do more harm than good. They are based on extreme rapid change of food consumption, without giving the body all the nutrients it needs. There are certain minerals, vitamins and nutrients that my body needs per day. If I don’t consume enough of the “good stuff”, the body goes in to starvation/survival mode; thinking “if I am not getting this stuff, let me store everything as fat and eat on your muscle”. So before starting this “amazing, miraculous” diet which guarantees that while eating my favorite cookies and pizza, I will lose 40lb in two weeks, I ask myself, what do I really want?

Why do diets work only for a short period of time?

– my mind is set to only do it for a short period of time;

– the goal is to lose weight in a certain period of time and after that go back to old eating habits;

– lack of knowledge about what’s healthy and what’s not.

Let’s look at healthy lifestyle. “Lifestyle” is – the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral, standards etc., which together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group. It all starts with understanding my body and treating it as a temple (heard this from a friend of mine). Would I throw junk in my temple? Of course not! Healthy lifestyle is for life! It’s all about what I eat, rather than what I don’t. It’s all about what I think of the food I eat and what it gives me. Would I like to run a marathon when I am 68 y.o.? Would I like to be glowing with energy and health when I am 90 y.o? Would I like to play basketball with my great-great-grandchildren? Of course i would, but no diet will get me there!

Why healthy lifestyle works for life?

–         I have a complete understanding of health, food and nutrition;

–         I am committed to having a great life;

–         I love and respect myself as a human being.

I have tried many diets and non of them worked for me for a long time, exactly because i was expecting a miracle and thinking “wow, while i eat all this delicious junk food, i will be losing weight” or “well, i will only have to suffer for a week and then can go back to eating what i want”. It never worked, never does and never will. Diets don’t work long-term. Only after i learned about foods, nutrients, exercise and my body, i was able to lose weight and maintain it till this day. I feel great, look awesome and stay happy!

Set your mind for a HEALTHY LIFE and you will have it!



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