The importance of a good posture


                                      Have you seen them?


I’m sure you have, they are everywhere! New species discovered “homo slackass-erectus”. I personally think it’s not cool. It’s not sexy and not appealing. Bad posture means bad health. In 1920s it was popular to smoke and drink alcohol, and if you weren’t in to it, you were not cool. But somewhere in 1980s it has changed to “healthy is cool” and “cool is healthy”.

Now back to posture. Good posture is extremely important for muscle balance, flexibility and physical performance. Here are a few methods to perform a posture test:

–         One method is to stand straight with your back to the wall, your head, upper back, buttocks, backs of the calves and heels should touch the wall. If standing in that position is comfortable, then there are no deviations.

–         Another test, is to stand against something vertical, like a closed door, and to check if your shoulders and hips are aligned. If you have a good posture, you should be symmetrical.

Here are some exercises for your back to keep a good posture:

  1. “Wall exercise”. Just like we did the test, stand with your back to the wall, try to touch the wall with your buttocks, upper back, back of the head and try to form the letter “W” with your arms. Stand like this for 5-10 min every day. This exercise can also be used to track your progress.
  2. “Spiderman with weights”. Lying on your stomach perform straight arm lifts or rowing motion. This exercise builds up back muscles.
  3. Sit on your heels, lock your hands behind your back, try to lift your head and shoulders.
  4. Sit cross-legged with your back against a wall.

Good posture not only has a physiological but also a psychological effect on people. Straight posture creates an aura of confidence, strength and authority.



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