Visualize your goal


Has it ever happened to you that you sort of have this dream, this idea in your mind, but can’t quite see it? And it may stay on your mind for a long time and just appear as a dream, a far away unreal dream, but it’s not. It’s very real!


I remember myself looking at very fit, great looking girls, thinking “I wish I had a body like that”. I have tried diets, working out, but still was far away from my “dream”. About half a year ago I had this idea to download a picture of a fit girl, whose physique was close to mine, only without the layer of fat. Nothing “too much” or “far away dream” looking. So I set that picture up as a screen saver on my phone. From that moment on my dream transformed in to a possibility. Every time I looked at my phone there was my motivation. I also used it as “stop button” when was craving pizza or a donut. Seeing my goal picture multiple times a day made it real and very doable. A month ago I have reached my first set goal! Now I have a new goal, I want an even leaner body and defined muscles. So I downloaded a new goal picture and joined Cross Fit two days ago!

Visualize your goals, print them out on a piece of paper and put them in well seen places. It will help you make better choices on the way to your goal!



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  1. Hey Ali!

    Awesome blog! I love when women blog about healthy lifestyle and living- and I love your enthusiasm at Crossfit! You are doing so awesome! Keep it up!


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