How much water do you drink per day?


Why is it important to drink water? Water makes up 55 to 75 percent of total body weight. The food we eat contains about 70% water. A 10% reduction of water in our body can make us sick, and a loss of 20% of water can lead to death. But that’s just statistics. Nowadays, with so many juices and sodas available for us at every store and every corner, makes it hard to even think about water.


Five years ago I was addicted to Coca Cola and other sodas. I wasn’t drinking water at all! It resulted in weight gain, feeling tired all the time, oversleeping, often getting sick. I had no idea what was wrong with me, until one day my friend told me to quit drinking soda and drink only water. It was a struggle at the beginning, because I had to give up all those “delicious” sugary drinks. But I did, and the results were worth it! My health got better almost immediately and my energy levels skyrocketed!

The next question is “How much water do I need to drink per day?”

Let’s see:

Step 1: Select an appropriate need factor:

0.5- sedentary, no sports or training

0.6- jogger or light fitness training

0.7- sports participation or moderate training 3 times a week

0.8- moderate daily weight training or aerobic training

0.9- heavy weight training daily

1.0- heavy weight training daily plus sports training, or 2 times a day training

Step 2: Multiply weight in pounds by the appropriate need factor to know the recommended water intake per day.


My weight is 137.8 lb * 0.8 (moderate daily weight training or aerobic training)=110 oz. water per day (eleven 10 oz cups)

It’s easier to track my water intake with 10 oz cups.

Stay hydrated!



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