How sleep helps us lose weight


Many years ago we used to think that an adult needs 8-9 hours of sleep a day to get enough rest and function properly. But let’s be realistic…Who sleeps 9 hours a day now? In the recent years this number went down to 6-7 hours. When I asked a few of my friends how many hours of sleep they need to feel rested in the morning, the answers varied from 6 to 9 hours. Those who said they need 6 hours didn’t say it because they don’t have time to get more sleep, they simply don’t need more time. And those who said 9 hours, also didn’t say it just because they like to sleep, it’s because their bodies really need 9 hours to rest.


It depends on the age group and each person individually. Some people need a longer time to recharge. Sleep is essential to life. Sleep is the time when our bodies relax, get rest, accumulate and re-energize. It’s also important to not oversleep.

What happens when we don’t get enough sleep?

The side effects of sleep deprivation go unnoticed most of the time. Such conditions as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and headaches could develop over a long period of time. Oversleeping may cause the same diseases!

How sleep helps us lose weight?

– It helps to eat less. Our hormone levels are regulated when we sleep. In particular there are two hormones that are responsible for our appetite. So get enough sleep and you may need to eat less.

– Sleep gives you energy. Our bodies re-energize while we sleep. So we have enough energy to go through the day and have a good workout.

– Sleep generates good mood. Don’t you just love this feeling when you wake up fully rested and the whole world seems to smile at you! When we are happy, the stress levels go down and we are less likely to overeat.

I learned about myself that I need about 8 hours of sleep to be fully rested. I may not want to get up when I hear my alarm clock in the morning, but when I do get up- I feel awesome!

P.S. It’s my beautiful kitty on the picture 🙂


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