Breakfast Burrito ( recipe of the day)


Breakfast Burrito

This is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast!



2 tbs canola oil

1/3 small red onion (diced)

1/4 green bell pepper (diced and seeded)

1 medium tomato

1/4 red bell pepper (diced and seeded)

4 whole eggs

1/4 cup of shredded sharp Cheddar cheese

4 whole wheat low carb tortillas (6 inches)

salt, pepper


Sauté diced onion for 1.5 min. Add diced tomato, green and red bell peppers, sauté for another 1,5 min. Add two whole eggs to the vegetables, stir, so that all the vegetables would be covered in eggs. Scramble until cooked through. Add salt and pepper.

Nutrition facts for 1 tortilla:

Calories: 225 cal.; Protein 10g.; Carb 16g, Fat 11g.

Extras: sour cream 2tbs= 63 cal., Fat 5g, Protein 1g.

salsa 1tbs=15 cal, Carb 3  (i recommend homemade salsa: chopped white onion, tomato, cilantro, salt and pepper)

I know, people like to add sour cream to their burritos, but for those who are watching their diet and calorie intake, I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally don’t add anything else, love my burritos healthy style!




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