Health benefits of cycling


Who is up for a ride?

Cycling, who doesn’t love it? I remember when I learned to ride my first bike, it was extremely exciting! It felt close to flying! At least it’s what I thought, being a 7 year old. I am 28 now and it still feels like flying when I ride my racing bike at 18 miles per hour (29 km/h.).

I, personally, find biking a great cardio workout. First, like any cardio, it improves your stamina and helps you lose calories.

Here is how it looks when you cycle:


Cycling is one if the easiest ways to exercise, it:

–       improves coordination

–       reduces stress

–        improves heart and lung functioning

–        tones up your body

–        works out all the major lower body muscles

–        builds stamina and strength

–        brings you joy

A great thing about cycling is that, if the weather is awesome, you can enjoy your ride outdoors, and if it’s raining or snowing, well, there is always a cycling class in the nearest gym. One hour of cycling can burn up to a 1000 cal.

Let’s see how outdoor and indoor cycling compare to each other.

Riding outdoors helps you find your balance, have a better control over your body, be alert and makes it more interesting when you don’t have to stare at the same spot for 45 min. The downside of the outdoor biking, is that you are pretty much at the mercy of the weather. Be careful when biking at night, it isn’t very safe. Make sure you wear reflective clothes and keep closer to the curb.

Indoor cycling has its perks too. The AC keeps the room cool, you can’t fall off of the rigid bike, and the instructor changes the routine every 3-5 min, pushing you way beyond your limits.

Like biking? Grab your bike and go for a ride!


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